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Peacock Ball Ornaments (Green or Blue)  $20.00
Peacock Feather Ornament  $20.00
Full Peacock Ornament  $20.00
Peacock Glass Scene Ornament Small  $15.00
Peacock Glass Scene Ornament Big  $20.00



Butterfly Measuring Spoons (upper left)  $16.50
Peaceful Dove Ornament  $15.00
 Butterfly Wind Chime  $25.00 
 Butterfly Measuring Spoons (lower right)   $15.00



Christmas in America’s Landmark Houses by Patricia Hart McMillan and David Strahan  $50.00
Whistler House Museum of Art Ornament  $25.00



The Allure of Venice by Carol G.J. Scollans  $40.00
The Allure of Venice Note Cards  $10.00


Awesomeness is Lowell Board Game  $20.00


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